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avoiding jail. his infamous actions made headlines. >> now he plays let's make a deal. >> that jetblue flight attendant who jumped down an emergency chute is fighting to stay out of jail. manuel gallegus reports on the deal he's trying to strike on some very serious charges. steven slater walk into the queens criminal courtroom without saying a word. prosecutors said he was reckless when he deployed a slide, grab add couple of beers and jumped out onto the cliewt. >> the plane, filled with passengers, it's no laughing matter. >> reporter: the d.a.
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-- district attorney is considering charges including endangerment and recklessness. >> we look forward to continuing discussions with the district attorney to see if we can resolve this matter am mickably. >> reporter: slater will undergo an evaluation to see if he equally fies for a lighter sentence. otherwise, he could face seven years in prison. slater struck a chord with fedup workers every where after the august 9th incident. his attorney said he recognized what he has done is wrong. >> he is looking to move on which is why he resigned. >> reporter: slater has a publicist by his side to help him get a new career off the ground once the criminal matter is sell thed. >> slater's next court appearance is october 19th.
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shock and sadness in a small horse racing town just over the maryland line. we have more on the barn fire that killed 27 horses. >> reporter: investigators are looking for the cause of the fire. this is a cell phone video of the barn burning early yesterday morning. witnesses said some of the horses ran from -- some people ran from across the street into the barns to ceive the horses. the fire was fueled by the wooden frames and hay inside. some of the flames shot 50 feet into the air. the total damage is estimated at more than a million dollars. a police pursuit ends with a crash in northwest baltimore and one person is behind bars. the officer spot add stolen car earlier today. the driver took off and crashed at fulton and north avenue. the man selling newspapers was hit. the driver of the stolen car
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was hit. right now three baltimore teens are in jail accused of stabbing a man during a robbery not far from penn station. adam may has more on the victim and the juveniles charged in the attack oar are mrs. arrest three juveniles near penn station. they're accused of stabbing a 37-year-old in what appeared to be a botched robbery. >> they approached the victim. they asked hem for change. the victim declined. one of the suspects pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the chest. >> reporter: the victim suffered a collapsed lung, this is blocks away from july's fatal stabbing of stephen pitcairn. police beefed up controls which helped lead to a quick arrest. >> he contacted ems, contacted the pd. we were able to locate the
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juveniles and take them into custody. >> reporter: police cannot release the names of the suspects because they've been charged as juveniles. prosecutors are looking over the case to see if the charges will be upgraded. >> wjz will have reaction from commuters coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. baltimore county firefighters are still trying to find the source for a strong odor of gasoline. derek is in the news rom with -- room with more. >> reporter: we have several hundred students that were cleared out of the st. clement school. it was in the 1200 block of chessi-co avenue. workers are vest gadget the odor. bge crews are also at the scene even though the odor is not one of natural gas. >> thank you.
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the students were removed to the church next door and then dismissed for the day. well, students, staff and faculty at loyola university are mourning the death of a student. evan girardi was found unresponsive and later pronounced dead at union memorial hospital. his family said he suffered from a heart condition. he was scheduled to graduate next year. we'll have more at five and six. >> getting a flew shot will be -- flu shot will be easier than next year. for the first time med care will offer it without copay or a deductible. it prevents against the h1n1 and the other two viruses expected this year. autumn is officially two weeks away but summer is hanging on. we broke a record today. wjz has weather and traffic
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together. hi, bernadette. well, we hit 91 degrees this afternoon. we've broken the all time record of 90-degree days in a year. we hit this today. that makes it 55, so this year more than any other. first warning doppler radar, it is sunny. it is warm and beautiful. you can see also when we open this up a little bit just off to our northwest there is a front approaching us. this front doesn't have a whole lot to. it it is trying to tap into moisture from what was -- what still is tropical storm hermine now on shore making its way through texas. but, it's so dry because of the beautiful days that there's now a high threat for fire danger. take a look at this traffic. we have across most of the area a red flag warning goes into effect tomorrow during the day.
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the front will come through. more impressively the winds will pick up and the dry air is something to be aware of. so we'll keep you up to date on that. >> thank you. we'll head to sharon gibala live at wjz traffic control. sharon? already some stuff to talk about for the afternoon commute, including an accident on the beltway. fortunately, no major delays but mean for ones at harford road on the top side outer loop, i should say. are a looking at two accidents in the city, east madison and west coal spring. a crash in anne arundel and one on severn. fire activity in rosedale blocking chessico avenue. as far as delays go 295 slow between savage road and annapolis road that will cost you four minutes with an average speed of 32 miles an
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hour. there's a look at your average speeds. the west side is the slowest between 95 and 795. 20 miles an hour with a 30- meant setback. there is a live look at the top side. there is a look at the west side and there is 95. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. try any now breakfast sandwich. get freshly brewed seattle's best cof feerks too. president obama is looking for new tax breaks for businesses. s had plan would allow businesses to write off 100% of any new capital investments next year. joel brown reports. it could be another tough sale for the white house here president obama's betting on big new tax breaks to boost a sluggish economy. in a move to get businesses hiring again, the white house proposes $200 billion in tax breaks spread over two years.
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it would let companies deduct the full cost of new investments in building plants and buying equipment. the president is hoping it will mean new hiring and a drop in unlimit. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> reporter: with mid-term elections looming and seats on the line, the president has to con sprens voters. >> the president isn't here to solve the nation's problems on a political calendar. he's here to solve the nation's problems as they exist. >> reporter: but the political calendar won't make this easier to get the president's tax breaks passed on capitol hill. republicans are in no mood to come promiechts the top republican in the house blasted the plan. john bane are said excessive government spending is what's
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waying down the economy and called the president's proposal to boost spending more of the wrong medicine. in the runup in november both sides know this election will turn on the economy and who voters trust more to fix it. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> president obama will announce details in a speech tomorrow in cleveland, ohio. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4. it's unidentified and flying. see home video shot by a south carolina man. you decide what it is. van der sloot confession. what he's saying to a dutch tv station about the natalee holloway case and his contact with the parents. a pastor's shocking plans to mark the anniversary of 9/11. it was a taste of fall in the hair but summer -- air, but summer is back.
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a routine traffic stop in iowa becomes anything but when the driver tried this hit them. the police were trying to stop an erratic driver. they fired at him. his condition is not known. students in portland, oregon are back in school but returning without their classmate kyron hormon missing for three months. new state of the art security cameras have been instawlgd. his step mother terri was the last one to see him but has not been name add suspect. his eighth birthday is on thursday. a new confession from the prime suspect in the naught naw. joran van der sloot is
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admitting he took thousands of dollars from holloway's family for information he never planned to turn over. >> reporter: charged with the murder of 21-year-old stephanie florez, joran van der sloot has been talking but not about that case. van der sloot admits to extorting $25,000 from the parents of natalee holloway in exchange for the location of their daughter's body. when asked why, he said he wanted to get back at them saying his parents have been making my life tough. when they offered to pay, i thought why not. holloway disappeared in may 2005 and van der sloot was the prime suspect. four months ago he was squat on an fbi sting operation. he gave a location that later turned out to be false. he has since been indicted on extortion and wire fraud.
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he is awaiting trial in peru for the death of flores. he can be seen entering the hotel where flores was fond dead. he later said his statements were coerced. so far, all of his efforts to have his peruvian statement thrown out have been denied. not a great start to the trading week on wall street. stocks have been down for most of the day. the dow was down 107, nasdaq down 25. let's go to new york where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs's money watch update. >> invest stores reported to
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reports that european banks may have more risky debt than first thought. unemployment could reach 10%. analysts say the economy isn't growing enough to make a major difference and that businesses are holding the line on hiring. according to man 5% of employers plan to hire new workers this winter. that's about the same as this summer. the strongest will be seen in the northeast with the weakest in the west. drivers should see pump prices drop again after spending more the national average for a gallon of unleaded regular is $2.68, up about a dime from a year ago. ever been told money can't buy you happiness? apparently it can. research finds as your income rises so does your emotional well-being but only until this hits about $75,000 a year. after that they say your sense of success may grow but more money won't make you happier.
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people are happier on the weekends. for more headlines just stay with you can see this tiny blob that this man videotaped sunday night from his porch. it doesn't look like an airplane or planet. he is convinced it as a ufo. he said he will be watching this spot for several nights. any thoughts? >> no, but i believe in that stuff. >> go down to is being and file a report. >> there you go. coming up, overloaded planes, new rules for children who fly. after more than a dozen catholic schools closed, a brand-new one opened and more construction may be on the way. i'm andrea fujii, and that
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story's coming up. warm land dry outside with no -- and dry outside with no rain in sight. wjz 13 is always on for the top stories on for instant update ises and first warning all the time, click ♪ ♪ ♪
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after a weekend and a holiday beautiful weather, that's not bad. that's ft. mchenry. >> yes. the beautiful weather hangs on. because it's been so nice, we are drying out. it is factor into what's going on, but before we get to that, take a look. 91 degrees for our high. that makes this year the most ever 90 plus degree days. this is the 55th time we have hit that mark. it's way above average after starting out the day. we come in at 91. 89 in elkton. cooler along the ocean. 78 and 81 in oakland.
4:23 pm
now the winds are out of the southwest. they are picking up. that's what's bringing up the warmer air. by tomorrow the winds turn around to the northwest. because of the high winds and the dry weather, there is a fire threat. fire weather watch. you can see right here for most of the state and also a red flag warning. this is for tomorrow for northern parts of the eastern shore. so the reason the wind will be up is because of the cold front. there is a chance of a shower or two with it but not a big rain. the thing is, it's trying to connect with the remnants of hermine to pick up more moisture along the way. the front is moving so quickly that it's only going to tap into that before it comes through. we could see a shower or two in the morning. then this gets out of here. those winds continue to be high but they turn around to the northwest and cooler air is going to follow. there's that cold front. gets out of here. northwest wind. we go back down into the 70s for highs thursday and friday.
4:24 pm
the latest on hermine. we had a caller say it's hermine because they have a reason from back in the day. we looked up and it is hermine. there's been a lot of talk on how to say it. on the national hurricane center web page, that's what they're saying. it's moving off to the north at 20 miles an hour. the winds are 40 miles an hour. it will become a tropical depression and drift off. the core of this gets hung back, doesn't connect with the front. there is a chance that the next front moving our way could pick up some moisture. out on the water, small craft advisories in effect with those winds up. that's through late wednesday. they're out of the south but they turn around to the west and remain high. the forecast for tonight will be a breezy one. we're going to 68 for our low. it would be early in the day. then the front gets out of here, looking at mixed clouds and sunshine. 87 degrees tomorrow but then
4:25 pm
the colder air returns with the breeze on thursday, so that taste of fall thursday and friday we're going to have this again. >> after our record-breaking summer, we're going to need it. >> don't miss the cbs lineup. at 10:00 "the good wife" followed by "csi: -- by csi at 11. >> armed and dangerous. a man opens dang -- fire at two schools. first warning weather is tracking tropical storm hermine and where hermine is heading next. firefighters in colorado step up their attack against a fire forcing thousands to
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thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> firefighters in colorado are catching a break with the weather as they try to contain a raging wildfire. it burned dozens of homes in one day. we have the latest from boulder, colorado. >> reporter: calmer winds are giving firefighter as break as they battle a raging wildfire that has burned dozens of homes in the boulder foothills. >> what the prediction is three to six miles an hour. that's much more favorable for the firefighters today. that will allow us to get air tankers in the air. >> reporter: officials are rushing to get more planes in the hair to dump tens of thousands of gallons of fire retard daunt on the flames. the fire broke out monday and high winds carried it.
4:30 pm
the flames forced 3,000 residents from their homed and consumed at least 3500 acres. >> we had nine firefighters lose their homes. >> reporter: many have gathered at this command center anxious to find out if their home is still standing. >> i have aston house with a good defencable moat. >> reporter: waiting is difficult, especially with little information. >> part of you wants to drive up and go see your house. it's like -- it's interesting. you want to go home. you want to go home but can't. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out what sparked it. so far there are no injuries or deaths. reporting for cbs news, boulder, colorado. >> now firefighters did manage to save the historic town of gold hill, including an old west grocery store and buildings once used for stagecoach stock. we have more on the scare
4:31 pm
for students in montgomery county. >> reporter: the gunman is finally in custody. gom doll gom police said 32- year-old joshua prince fire add rifle at her ex-girlfriend. she wasn't hurt. the ramps were shut down and it forced nearby walter johnson high school to lock down. that has sense been lifted. >> there is no word on why prince fired the shots. tropical storm hermine is battling the area with winds and flooding. >> reporter: the storm blue up in less than a day. residents had little time to
4:32 pm
prepare. >> came up from mexico. it is different. >> it was jam packed yesterday. when we came back from lunch, it was like a ghost town. >> local communities distributed sandbags and closed school as a precaution. hermine hit south texas overnight with winds reaching 65 miles an hour. thousands of homes lost electricity but flooding is the biggest worry. >> if this moves inland, we'll be talking about lands of rain from brownsville, san antonio, corpus christi, even as far has houston. >> reporter: flooding forced some residents to their rooftops just across the border where the storm made landfall monday night. at least 20 homes there were destroyed. forecasters said hermine will continue dumping rain as it moves into oklahoma and kansas. in los angeles, sandra hughes,
4:33 pm
wjz eyewitness news. >> first warning weather coverage continues. bob? >> we got some rain out of it. it has been extremely dry. we won't see much of this precipitation. it's in oklahoma, texas and western arkansas. you can see quite a bit of it. for our region there is a front not too far away. this front may, may just bring our region a shower, perhaps even a brief thunder shower. we have a cold front that will come through with a lot of wind tomorrow. that's why we have an extreme fire danger for the next day or so before things get more moist. looks like the rain chances are not that great but it will get much cooler beginning tomorrow
4:34 pm
afternoon. >> thank you. there is growing concern over a florida's church's plan to burn a copy of the koran. the dove world outreach center announced their plans to burn it on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the top u.s. general in afghanistan said the burning could incite violence. the church's plan has also sparked protests from afghani people here in the united states. federal officials are making a request that could change the rules for children in airplanes. >> the national transportation safety board is asking the faa to require children under two to have a separate seat and seat belt on a plane. it stems from the crash of an over overloaded plane in montana. safety officials said the incident showed the danger of young children traveling on their parent's lap. in the past they said the cost
4:35 pm
could force some families to drive instead of fly which could result in more injuries to children. back to you. >> there is no word yet on a timetable for the faa's decision. the government is warning consumers about drinks flavored with green tea. the fda issue add warning to the maker of canada dry's sparkling gingerally -- ginger ale. a similar warning was issued to unilever last month overly ton green tea. a major pet product companies a issue add recall of nearly 75,000 bags of dog treats over salmonella concerns. it includes real beef treats for dogs. it comes after a random test revealed salmonella organisms
4:36 pm
in the treats. we got to 90 degrees today. record-breaking temperatures. it's sunny and warm with a slight breeze. wjz has weather and traffic together. we have more on the record we broke. burn na det? >> reporter: we hit 90 a lot this year. now, this year more than ever, we hit 90 degrees or higher. 55 times. nothing going on in our area. here's the cold front moving our way. it could bring us a shower or two. but the winds are going to be ahead of it and behind the front. because of that, there's a high fire threat throughout most of the state. show you that graphic, that fire threat for the northern parts of the eastern shore, red flag warnings go into effect. we'll have the forecast coming up. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. hello. >> good afternoon everyone. we're getting word of a new
4:37 pm
accident involving a bus. we'll try to get you more information. >> meantime, captain mike perry is flying above. it we have a road closure. we're going to give you an exact location in a few minutes. in the meantime we'll talk about an accident involving a motorcycle at philadelphia road. a bunch of accidents at falls road. walter at echo dame and green spring at west cold spring. a crash in anne arundel at laurel ft. meade and delays between savage road and annapolis road with an average speed of 32 miles an hour. there is a look at your drive times and speeds. the slowest is the outer loop -- inner loop. the top sides not look much better on the outer loop. there is a live look at the top side. you can see it is slow. the west side a similar
4:38 pm
situation at baltimore national pike. it's running smoothly south of the belt way. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's. back over to you. as the baltimore archdiocese was forced to close many schools they opened a new one, holy angels and more construction could be on the way. >> we are holy angels catholic school. >> reporter: it's the first day of class for 191 students. >> this is a new school, and that's what made me want to get my daughter enrolled here. >> reporter: archbishop edwin o'brien greeted parents and students on this day. back in march students rallied
4:39 pm
at one of the schools that was closed due to low enrollment. >> i now it wouldn't be easy but had to be done. >> reporter: after three catholic elementary schools closed, they consolidated into holy angels. >> it's a solid foundation. i don't see anymore combination of closings. >> reporter: the archdiocese says as enrollment grows at holy angels, they could probably build a new building at the high school campus. she was set to eventually go to a catholic school that was on the chopping blocks. >> i went and i was so interested and the principal was so nice. she told me she who make a way. >> i've never been to a private school. i think it's going to be really exciting. >> reporter: students also pray for their new school year.
4:40 pm
>> god bless you all. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz, eyewitness news. >> the baltimore archdiocese is currently running 70 catholic schools. there's still room for students in most grade levels at holy angels. straight ahead, craigslist sensorring. hear the nightmarish story of a florida woman held in jail for days. we have broken the 90- degree record but there is a cooldown on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we have an update on an accident in whitemarsh that's causing accidents. this is perry hall and
4:44 pm
whitemarsh b.d a short time ago an mta bus was involved. floodwaters are still rising in parts of australia. the town of shepherdston is under water. it is the point where three rivers come together and they are overflowing. the army has been put on standby. officials warn floods aren't likely to ease up for another week. a water rescue was caught on tape in california. a 19-year-old became stuck on the rocks. rescuers tried to reach him by boat, but they only managed to get there by helicopter. the teen was hoisted to safety and refused medical treatment when he was back on ground. a man in kansas could face the death penalty for killing a 14-year-old girl. 14-year-old alisha debolt left for a party august 24th and
4:45 pm
never came hoax. adam longoria has been charged with capital murder and criminal sodomy. his bail was increased to $1 1/2 million. the body was found two days after she was reported messing, badly burned. a case of mistaken identity when an orlando mother was arrested while on a cruise ship. a woman failed to appear on court charges of prostitution and heroin charges. another woman sharing the same name was taken into custody. she has sense been released. you may have noticed a change in the popular website craigslist. the adult services section was taken down but some illegal ads are still slipping through the cracks. >> reporter: despite the bright blue link advertising
4:46 pm
everything from appliances to toys on craigslist, this black bar reading sensorred is now attracting the most attention. it's craigslist's response to this letter signed by attorney generals in 17 states. they call for the company to remove the adult services section which includes thinly veiled ads for sex. >> prostitution is not a victimless crime. human trafficking resulting in tragedies to children and others and craigslist voluntarily, fortunately, is doing the right thing. >> reporter: why not just take the link down. >> craigslist probably used the word censored because they're trying to make a political statement. >> the communications decren sigh act said those provide lag bulletin board by which others can post their content is not going to be liable for the
4:47 pm
content itself. >> reporter: that con tenth is big business for the company. by some estimates, $45 million this year. craigslist is no strange tore controversy. the so-called craigslist killer allegedly found his victims by trolling through sex ads on the site. >> as craigslist shut down adult services, the ads my great elsewhere. >> reporter: a quick search revealed that some ads are still on the site. here in the beauty section an offer for sen -- sensual massage. >> reporter: the question remains, will reloving this link really combat anything at all. reporting for cbs news, new york. >> one of the attorneys generals was maryland's. and outpouring of support
4:48 pm
for the jerry lewis teleton. it's in its 45th year. this year it raised $58.9 million, a little less than last year. jerry lewis said he was heartened by america's generosity in a tough economy. how many people remember the original of hawaii 5-0. >> coming up on entertainment tonight we're taking you to honolulu for a big hawaii 5-0 exclusive. we're not just meeting the cast but asking them tough questions about the original. it's classic television but how much do the stars of the new series know about the original. alex plays steve. >> what year did the original series debut? >> 1968. >> right on. >> for something harder. >> where does the name have the series come from? >> it's based on a book i
4:49 pm
believe. >> five-0. that's the thing for cops. >> hawaii is the 50th estate in the union. >> the arch nemesis in the original show. >> some word with fat. >> will fat. >> your turn, alex. >> this was like -- whoa fat. can i still have it even though i was told the hans? >> love the old one but the new one looks fantastic. also, your first look at bristol palin on "dancing with the stars," plus jane fonda's workout video comeback. that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> you can she it here on wjz. bob dylan fans will get a chance to see some of his
4:50 pm
artwork. it's going on display at denmark's national garden. bob dylan said the country's atmosphere inspires him. >> wow. >> i didn't know he was a visual artist. >> so many of the performers are visual artists. >> you know, they have to supplement their income. >> david bowie is an artist. well, it is a warm land dry afternoon. >> bob turk has the forecast right after this commercial right after this commercial break.
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name some[ bell dings ]ful. microwave pizza! awful! [ buzz! ] [ show announcer ] now there's red baron pizza by the slice. unbelievably good pizza from the microwave. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste. 90 degrees. for the 55th team, which is a brand-new record, never been done before, so, yes, today was a record breaking day, this whole summer has been, 55 days of 90 plus weather. take a look at temps now. it's still at 91. the good news is the dew point's low, 58, which means the humidity's quite low, only 33%. winds south, southwest at seven. barometer falling. 93 in washington. cumberland 95.
4:54 pm
2 oakland. ocean city at 78. low dew point, still pretty comfortable, closer to the water. a little more uncomfortable. tomorrow big changes coming. southwest winds. tomorrow the winds go back to the west, northwest. a cold front sometime in the late morning hours. it's going to get very windy. because it's been so dry, we have extreme fire danger for new jersey, delaware and the rest of the region under a weather statement. the rest of the area dry, windy tomorrow. please be careful with lighting materials across the region the next few days until we were get rain. a lot of rain south of florida. of course we told you about hermine. a lot of rain. rain gusts over 50 miles an hour. to the northwest, we're going to head to the north. it will drag a cold front.
4:55 pm
we see showers popping over portions of ohio, kentucky. we don't expect more than a quarter of an inch. once the front goes through, it will get breezy. thursday and friday only in the 70s once again. a quick look at her miefnlt winds around 40 heading off towards oklahoma, eventually dissipating. some of these clouds may head to the north. i really don't expect to see anything. winds may gust as highs a 25 knots and a small gust advisory. 78. tonight partly cloudy. low to mid-70s. shower possible but before noon then things drying out and getting windy, 87 but down again to the upper 50s tomorrow night and a beautiful end of the week. >> wonderful. thank you. still to come tonight.
4:56 pm
security concerns around penn station. for the second time this summer a person in this area is stabbed. stabbed. we'll tell you what ,,,,,,,, 3q
4:57 pm
copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i can join the fun and games with my grandchildren. great news! for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other copd medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day.
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people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i had fun today, grandpa. you and me both. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. get your first full prescription free and save on refills. coming up next at 5:00. teenagers linked with a problem at a station. wjz has more. people and animals try to recover from a devastating barn fire. that story as eyewitness news continues. mystery death. a student found dead in his university dorm. how he is being remembered tonight. check in for these stories
4:59 pm
and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. young suspects, accused of stabbing a man walking near penn station. tonight, new details about the teenager in custody. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. just hours ago, wjz revealed court records that showed a man stabbed a man in the chest. adam may has more on the arrest. >> reporter: police say they found one of the suspects actually wiping blood off a knife, soon after, during a police view, with their parents at their side, all three confessed to their

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